Mortgage Loan Originator

NMLS# 187731

Kelli is a uniquely experienced mortgage professional.  Prior to beginning her 20+ year career in home financing, Kelli spent years as a real estate agent.  Having served on both sides of the home purchase process, Kelli takes pride in bringing her rare perspective and knowledge to bear for home buyers.


If experience and perspective don't top the list, her work ethic and consistency surely do.  Kelli is tireless, efficient, and her numbers tell the tale.  It may not carry context for people not in the industry, but during her time at Leaders Kelli has averaged an astonishing 100+ closings per year!  In the most complex era in home financing history, Kelli has somehow made the job look simple.


Kelli has no favorites - purchase, refinance, conventional loans, government loans, first-time buyers, seasoned home buyers - she does it all at a high level. 

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Licensed to originate in all 50 states